Green tea is the best detox. And when it's further enhanced with lemon and ginger, it packs a more potent detox punch.

Something about nature also detoxes the mind and soul. Foliage cheers up the senses, the sea's salty waters quench materialistic thirst. Let's go back to one of the founders of the Anglo-Indian poetry, Toru Dutt, and enjoy her poetry that deals with the themes of longing, nature and nostalgia.

Born in 1856, Toru was born to a cultured Bengali family. She studied in France and London, before moving back to Bengal as her sister's and her health deteriorated abroad.

Toru died of tuberculosis at the young age of 21, but her poetry and translations from French have left a lasting impression on Indian English poetry.

Toru Dutt's Baugmaree

Baugmaree was Toru's "garden" house. This poem is an ode to the scenery she witnessed there.

A sea of foliage girds our garden round,
        But not a sea of dull unvaried green,
        Sharp contrasts of all colours here are seen;
The light-green graceful tamarinds abound
Amid the mangoe clumps of green profound,
        And palms arise, like pillars gray, between;
        And o'er the quiet pools the seemuls lean,
Red,—red, and startling like a trumpet's sound.
But nothing can be lovelier than the ranges
        Of bamboos to the eastward, when the moon
Looks through their gaps, and the white lotus changes
        Into a cup of silver. One might swoon
               Drunken with beauty then, or gaze and gaze
               On a primeval Eden, in amaze.


Another poem, which we at Poetry Teas are super fond of, is Love Came to Flora Asking for a Flower

Love came to Flora asking for a flower
That would of flowers be undisputed queen,
The lily and the rose, long, long had been
Rivals for that high honor. Bards of power
Had sung their claims. "The rose can never tower
Like the pale lily with her Juno mien" —
"But is the lily lovelier?" Thus between
Flower-factions rang the strife in Psyche's bower.
"Give me a flower delicious as the rose
And stately as the lily in her pride" —
But of what color?" — "Rose-red," Love first chose,
Then prayed — "No, lily-white — or, both provide;"
And Flora gave the lotus, "rose-red" dyed,
And "lily-white" — the queenliest flower that blows.
- Toru Dutt

We love that Toru describes "lily whites" as a proud, queenly flower. And the idea of a bard of power between two flowers does seem pretty intriguing!

Ginger and lemon are two ingredients sourced directly from nature's abundant bounty. Add them to any beverage and get freshness in return. We thought that introducing you to Toru Dutt's poetry would really make your days more mindful. Oh, and so will our ginger lemon green tea (sorry for the plug!)

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