We wouldn't know caramel if it wasn't for the famous chocolatier Milton Hershey.

Caramel was originally a grandmothers' concoction.  It was Hershey who packaged it and created the Lancaster Caramel Company, which after being sold, became the American Caramel Company. Today, caramel is an iconic butter-vanilla-and-sugar mix that sweet toothed souls can't get enough of.  On the other hand, the caramel flavour of black tea is a wholesome dessert drink few outside the tea world know of.

The vanilla flavour of caramel black tea comes alive when it's mixed with milk and sugar.

But there's one thing which is, in our opinion, even sweeter than caramel. It's our dreams. We sleep peacefully when we dream of a better tomorrow. A dream fulfilled is sweeter than hundreds of caramel pods!

There's an iconic poem by Punjabi revolutionary poet, Pash, that pays an ode to our dreams. It's called Sabse Khatarnak.


Pash, whose poetry has been compared to the likes of Pablo Neruda, was born on September 9, 1950. His poetry collections Loh Katha, Uddade Bazan Magar, and Sade Samian Vich made him one of the greatest Punjabi poets of the later half of 20th century.

Pash published more than 200 poems in his lifetime. He later moved to the US to flee from the threat of Khalistanis, who were threatening to kill him for his revolutionary poems. However, on a visit to India in March 1988, Pash and his friend were shot dead by Khalistani terrorists in their native village near Jalandhar.

Pash's poem, Sabse Khatarnak, is arguably his most famous. In the poem, he says that more dangerous than guns is the death of our dreams.

Here's to sweet dreams of a better tomorrow!

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