Most Indians love to drink chai. We are talking milk, sugar, CTC leaves and ilaichi brewed on a gas stove. But when the pandemic hit, a rising number of Indians switched their lifelong loyalty to CTC and moved towards healthier teas. 

COVID 19 Pandemic and Tea Consumption

The COVID 19 pandemic brought on lockdowns, boredom, mental health challenges and disrupted work schedules.

Besides, it also brought changes in tea and coffee consumption patterns. Globally, tea consumption rose from 30% to 70%.

In the tough lockdown month of March 2020, tea sales for online retailers grew by 25%.

Tea reduces anxiety, improves cognition and brain function. Plus, the polyphenols dominant in tea fight cardiovascular diseases and have beneficial effects against cancer and diabetes.

The shift in tea consumption came primarily from a health and wellness angle.

Teas that boost immunity became increasingly popular.

According to an article in The Times of India, "the demand for health and immunity booster teas, like ginger, tulsi, turmeric, cinnamon, etc., went up post-pandemic."

Even loose-leaf teas - which are difficult to brew and have a longer learning curve - sold more.

Another reason for the popularity of tea is it's for the whole family. Coffee is a strict no-no for families with hypertension patients, but tea can be enjoyed by everyone.
In the pandemic, there was a demand for low-caffeine products which maintained alertness. Tea is an excellent beverage for that. Tea is made from the dried leaves of Camellia sinensis plant. It comes in different types: white, black, green, oolong, matcha and herbal teas.
All tea varieties are rich in antioxidants, that's why the health conscious crowd loves them. Tea can also promote weight loss by boosting metabolism.
Moreover, tea has antidiabetic properties. That is one more reason why tea has become more popular in India, the world's diabetes capital.
White, green and black tea have a number of health benefits. It's time to move beyond the chai and explore the world of healthy alternatives in tea as well.