Care Collection

          Say Goodbye to Diabetes, Weight, Thyrroid and periods related issues with 100% AYURVEDIC HERBAL TEAS
          Diabetes Care Tea Diabetes Care Tea
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          Diabetes Care Tea
          ₹ 330.00
          Thyroid Care Tea Thyroid Care Tea
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          Thyroid Care Tea
          ₹ 300.00 ₹ 330.00
          Periods Care Tea Periods Care Tea
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          Periods Care Tea
          ₹ 300.00 ₹ 330.00
          Weight Care Tea Weight Care Tea
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          Weight Care Tea
          ₹ 300.00 ₹ 330.00

          Green Tea Collection

          Explore our best-selling tea blends.
          Lemon Ginger Green Tea Lemon Ginger Green Tea
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          Lemon Ginger Green Tea
          ₹ 289.00
          Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea - Loose Leaf Tea Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea - Loose Leaf Tea
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          Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea - Loose Leaf Tea
          ₹ 300.00 ₹ 349.00
          Rose Green Tea- Loose Leaf Tea Rose Green Tea- Loose Leaf Tea
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          Rose Green Tea- Loose Leaf Tea
          Regular price ₹ 289.00
          Tulsi Elaichi Green Tea Tulsi Elaichi Green Tea
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          Tulsi Elaichi Green Tea
          ₹ 199.00 ₹ 289.00

          Gifting Collection

          Discover the range of tea blends with custom gifting options
          Butterfly Pea Flower Butterfly Pea Flower
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          Butterfly Pea Flower
          From ₹ 700.00
          Smooth Vanilla Rooibos Smooth Vanilla Rooibos
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          Smooth Vanilla Rooibos
          From ₹ 700.00
          Chocolate Truffle Chocolate Truffle
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          Chocolate Truffle
          Regular price ₹ 700.00
          Lively Fruity and Lemon Lively Fruity and Lemon
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          Lively Fruity and Lemon
          Regular price ₹ 700.00

          Love it, or it’s on us.

          With 100% Buy-back guarantee, we provide refund without queries. We know you are going to love our teas because of:

          100% Natural Ingredients
          No use of Artificial preservatives
          Premium Quality
          Only whole leaf teas
          70 Years of Tea connection
          4th generation tea Entrepreneur.
          Freshness promise
          Small batch blending to maintain freshness
          Buy Purity with our

          Chai Teas

          A blend of 100% natural Indian Spices with premium black Tea

          Our Journey

          Start of Tea Brokerage in Kolkata

          A very humble start in Kolkata by Mr P C Gattani with brokerage of CTC Tea. Mr Gattani is the first-generation tea entrepreneur of our family, and he is the great grandfather of our Founder (Saloni).

          Office in Kolkata

          Started by Saloni’s Grand Father (Mr. C L Gattani) & his brothers to trade in Loose tea across India (2nd Generation in Tea Business).

          Own brand setup in Rajasthan

          Mr. C L Gattani Started direct sales to Wholesalers & end users through the first store in Rajasthan (India). He used to sell loose tea (CTC) in remote villages of Rajasthan on his Bicycle. He still has his Bicycle and keeps that in his outhouse.

          Blending & Branding

          Started by Mr. Pawan Gattani (Saloni’s Father & 3rd Generation Tea Entrepreneur) under the brand name “Gattani Teas” with a blending facility with state-of-the-art machinery set up.

          Growth Phase

          With 3 offices in India and tea blending facilities of ~4000 sq ft, our family’s love for tea is growing with sales of ~5 lakhs+ teacups daily.

          New Beginnings by Saloni

          Incorporation of “Poetry Teas” by Saloni (4th Generation Tea Entrepreneur) with the objective to provide a high-quality tea experience for everyone with a presence across the globe without intervention of middleman. Poetry teas is a D2C brand and selling through online channels.

          Going International

          Poetry Teas, now a leading purveyor of exquisite teas, is thrilled to start our international website. This exciting development expands our reach and allows tea enthusiasts from around the world to discover and indulge in our finest selection of green & herbal teas.

          Our Journey

          Facts of Poetry Teas

          • AYUSH

          • NABL

          • ISO

          • 70 years of tea connection

          • 100% Natural

          • Co-Created by Health Expert

          • Ethically Sourced

          • Functional Ingredients

          • Make in India

          • No Added Sugar

          • No Preservetives

          • Plastic Free Tea Bags

          • Whole Leaf Teas

          • Women Owned

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          Instagram @thepoetryteas