Jasmine is the flower of eternal love. The jasmine is plain and white, and because of its symbolism associated with love, is often used in floral decorations in weddings. The jasmine flower also makes an appearance in Greek mythology. It's related to Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love.

In India, the 12th century Kannada poet, saint and mystic Akka Mahadevi has made a striking connection with divine love and jasmine flowers.

I am on fire
with heartfelt desires.
cut through the greed in my heart,
show your way
Lord, white as jasmine.
--Akka Mahadevi

As a flower, jasmine ignites the poet's imagination. Its sweet smell intoxicates the senses. Even the gajra, worn by women in South Asia, is made of chameli or jasmine flowers.

Poetry Teas' brings the goodness of jasmine and green tea together with their Jasmine Green Tea. Pure Nilgiris green tea is blended with real jasmine flowers to give you a fragrant tea.

The tea is a calming drink best enjoyed in the evening.

Perhaps if you really want to pamper yourself, tie a gajra in your hair. Or buy one for your partner.
Read Akka Mahadevi's poem. And then sip your tea.

Health-wise, drinking jasmine green tea is brilliant too.
1. It's bursting with antioxidants.
2. May aid weight loss as it boosts the metabolism
3. It's high in polyphenols and could protect your cardiac health
4. Helps neutralize plaque removing bacteria and promote oral health
5. Could boost brain function
6. Jasmine contains L-theanine, which may make you more vigilant
7. May protect against Parkinson's disease
8. May lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes too

Btw, did you know the Jasmine flower comes from Persia? And that in Persian, the word stems from the word Yasmin, which means a gift from god?

Who knows, the jasmine green tea might be a crowd pleaser in the heavens too!