Dehydration is common in the summers. Hot and humid weather can lead to dehydration in the body. In India, temperatures go up to 47 degrees,  so it's important to stay hydrated.

Fruit and flower-flavoured teas help the body stay hydrated even in peak Indian summers. These teas can also be enjoyed as iced teas.

  1. Jasmine: Jasmine tea is a decent way to add to your summer water intake. If you are not too fond of drinking water every few minutes, you can drink jasmine tea to hydrate yourself. Iced jasmine tea also helps in removing heat-induced dizziness from the body. You can also avoid low energy levels due to dehydration with this tea.
  2. Rose: Rose tea is mostly comprised of water. That's why it is perfect to keep yourself hydrated in the Indian summers. You can drink it to add to your water intake.
  3. Berry Blush: The berry blush green tea comes loaded with antioxidants and helps the body fight against dehydration. It is rich in berries and strawberries, which have very high water content. Since this green tea is caffeine-free, it's not a diuretic and is great to have in the summers. Plus, it's totally natural, so it's 100% safe.
  4. Hibiscus Tea: Flower based drinks like hibiscus tea are great to keep yourself hydrated in the summers. Just having this tea without any sugar means you are having a whole glass of water! Hibiscus tea is a herbal tea, so it doesn't contain any caffeine. It is popular as an iced tea because of its tart taste, and is very popular in China and Thailand.

Drinking fruit teas can help in hydration in the peak Indian summers. If consumed in moderate quantity, these teas can hydrate as much as water.

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