Poetry Teas welcomes you to our family!

We've been passionate about teas for almost 50 years and three generations. The poetry tea has its roots from our family T(ea)ree from both my paternal and maternal (Dadaji and Nanaji) sides. Our forefathers were Tea pioneers, hence your cup of tea is a blend of years of research and expertise. Tea is connected to every single member of our family in some manner.

This is something which has been a continuous effort of a family which is being carried by the new generation. My Dadaji made sure that we are involved in tea blending and taught us all the nitty - gritty of the industry, which is why by just smelling it we can sense the quality of the tea. In our case, it is our family and our tea history that is steeped in your tea.

We strive to be your one-stop shop for a high-quality tea experience.

Happy Sipping
Saloni Taparia, Founder